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Bitbucket Server (Stash) Integration Setup

Private Packagist Enterprise

Initial Setup

Hit the “Add integration“ button on the admin page to get to the form below. To setup a Bitbucket Server (Stash) integration with Private Packagist start by selecting "Bitbucket Server / Stash" as the platform and enter the URL of your on-premise Bitbucket Server into the base URL field as seen in the example below.

Submit the form to see the additional information.

Configure Application link

Click on the link to setup an Application Link on Bitbucket Server / Stash. You will need the "Client Id" and the "Public Key" shown in the form.

After you hit the button to create a new Application Link a configuration window may appear. If it does, verify that the url matches your Private Packagist URL and hit "Continue", otherwise skip this step.

Now setup a "Generic Application". The only field required is the "Application Name". Submit the form to finish creating the Application Link.

Click on the pen icon to the right of the application you just created to edit the Application Link and configure Incoming Authentication.

This is where we will need the "Client ID" and the "Public Key" that were previously generated on the Private Packagist integration form. Make sure the entire content of the "Public Key" field gets copied and the "Consumer Callback" field stays empty. Submit the form and go back to Private Packagist.

Finish the Setup

Update the Integration on Private Packagist to save everything and finish the setup.

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