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About Private Packagist

Private Packagist was founded by the creators of the popular PHP package manager Composer: Jordi Boggiano and Nils Adermann.

We have been operating the central open-source package archive Packagist.org since its creation in 2012, having served over 10 billion package installs. With over 700 contributors the success story of Composer is one written by the vital PHP community. We aim to further improve the PHP ecosystem with Private Packagist which will provide businesses with functionality that is unique to their requirements. Private Packagist will support us in continuing to maintain, improve and innovate Composer and in contributing to the PHP ecosystem.

Packagist Conductors GmbH is a business registered in Berlin, Germany. Legal details can be found on our Imprint. If you have any questions or feedback please get in touch with us at contact@packagist.com.

If you found a vulnerability on packagist.com or in Private Packagist products, please report them to contact@packagist.com and check out our bug bounty program.

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