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Private Packagist for Agencies

Fast, reliable and convenient installation of private and open-source code with Composer in your client projects.

Create a Composer repository for each of your client projects with its own set of authentication tokens for deployments.

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Access to Private Packages

Synchronize your packages with GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket, or add packages from any other Git, SVN or Mercurial repository. You can also use JSON to make any ZIP file available through Composer.

Private Packagist automatically configures webhooks on GitHub, Gitlab or Bitbucket to ensure your package metadata is automatically reloaded as soon as you push code.

Composer Access

Every subrepository comes with a unique Composer URL and authentication tokens for use with your automated systems, like continuous integration or deployment tools.

Team based subrepository access makes it possible to control exactly who has access to packages in a client project. Team members can use their personal auth tokens to access code in their projects, so you can easily revoke their access if a person leaves your company.

    composer config --global --auth http-basic.repo.packagist.com
      token c6addb89a67b2822d352d114

    "repositories": [{
      "type": "composer",
      "url": "https://repo.packagist.com/our-company/cool-client-proj"
    }, {"packagist.org": false}]

    composer update

Mirroring Third Party Packages

Mirroring packages from external sources like packagist.org makes them more reliable and faster to install. You keep a copy of every package you use in Private Packagist so you don't rely on a third party to have their Composer repositories available when you deploy.

Any Composer repository, e.g. a plugin vendor's where you purchased a package for a client, can be mirrored on a subrepository or organization level.

Security Monitoring

Receive alerts when we find vulnerabilities in one of your projects' dependencies. Notifications are available via email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or a custom webhook.

Weekly or monthly security summaries can help you keep track of your progress across projects.

Do you have any questions or are you missing anything? Contact us at contact@packagist.com or chat with us.

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