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Changelog for Private Packagist Cloud

You can find the changelog for Private Packagist Enterprise, our on-premise product, on https://packagist.com/docs/enterprise/changelog.

December 2018


  • Added settings page for customers and option to deliver source code URLs to customers

November 2018


  • Added API endpoints to manage project authentication tokens
  • Added support for the Composer search API
  • Private Packagist for Agencies: Support for projects with a separate Composer repository, including options for mirrors, credentials and tokens to be defined for just one or a set of projects
  • Packages mirrored from packagist.org are now updated automatically within a few seconds of changes on packagist.org rather than only twice a day
  • Bitbucket Team hooks are now set up automatically to detect new packages when you create new repositories
  • Added API endpoints to manage projects as part of Private Packagist for Agencies
  • Added API endpoint to fetch all customers with access to a package as part of Private Packagist for Vendors
  • Install statistics and count of accessible packages are now shown on the customers overview page


  • Added list of versions to GET package API endpoint
  • Managing access to packages for teams now sorts the dropdown of packages and lets you search through them
  • Unauthenticated users trying to login are now redirected to their organization's custom login page if a custom integration is configured
  • The list of customers is now sorted by name
  • Changed body font color to black for more contrast
  • Added composer instructions page on the customer detail page in the Private Packagist for Vendors addon
  • Warn users if packages are configured to use credentials which do not work for the package's URL
  • Improved the package update log output to better display authentication issues
  • Package updates which fail because of external API limits are now retried once the limit resets

October 2018


  • Packages now show mirror information
  • Synchronizations for existing organizations can now be set up with previously defined credentials


  • Allow a user to disconnect from their last connected third party authentication provider
  • Improved the speed of mirroring packages from packagist.org
  • Authentication tokens assigned to synchronized teams won't be deleted anymore if the team gets removed by the synchronization they lose access to all packages but can be reassigned to a different team
  • Improved the performance of package updates by caching version data
  • Allow deactivating members who do not have a Private Packagist account yet on the organization members page

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