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Private Packagist for Vendors

Let your customers install their packages with Composer using a unique URL and an authentication token.

Manage package access, versions and license expiration through our API or use our web interface including detailed installation analytics.

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Get in touch with us. Send an E-Mail to contact@packagist.com or chat with us.

Integrate Private Packagist

Synchronize your packages with GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket, or add packages from any other Git, SVN or Mercurial repository. You can use JSON to make any ZIP file available through Composer.

Use our API to integrate Private Packagist for Vendors with your existing PHP package shop. You can manage customers, packages and version constraints, and then retrieve credentials to provide them to your customers.

View our Setup Documentation and our API Documentation.

Create a customer
Grant package access
Get customer info
$customer = $client
    ->create('Acme Web Inc.');
        'name' => 'my-vendor/cool-package',
        'versionConstraint' => '^1.0',
        'expirationDate' => (new \DateTime('+1 year'))->format('c'),
        'minimumAccessibleStability' => 'beta',
    'composerRepository' => [
        'url' => 'https://my-vendor.repo.packagist.com',
        'user' => 'token',
        'token' => 'a6addb89a67b2822d352d113',

Limit Updates by Time, Version, or Stability

Grant customers access to specific packages, limit which versions they can access and define expiration times for updates depending on your contracts.

Group packages in vendor bundles to assign the same packages to many customers with ease.

Customer Installation

Integrate Private Packagist for Vendors with your existing PHP package shop using our API. Manage customers, packages and version constraints, then retrieve credentials to provide them to your customers.

Customer authenticates
Customer composer.json
Customer installs package
composer config --global
    --auth http-basic.my-vendor.repo.packagist.com
    token a6addb89a67b2822d352d113
"repositories": [
    "type": "composer",
    "url": "https://my-vendor.repo.packagist.com/acme/"
composer require my-vendor/cool-package

Detailed Installation Statistics

Analyze and report customer usage of your packages and specific versions with our installation statistics to decide when to discontinue support for old versions or who to contact about upgrades.

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Total cost per month

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You pay €1 per customer per month.

The base price is €59/month which includes the first 59 customers. Annual subscriptions available.

Working by yourself? Contact us for a single-user discount.

More than 100 customers? Get in touch for volume discounts.

Just getting started? Ask us for information about a startup discount.  

We value our customers’ feedback

After evaluating different options, we have found Private Packagist to be the most efficient and customer-friendly way to distribute paid packages.

Paweł Jędrzejewski
Founder of Sylius

Private Packagist makes our lives a lot easier. It's a reliable, fast and flexible system to distribute our continuously growing amount of (100+) packages. They even built in a custom feature we needed within a day! Service doesn't get better than that.

Willem Wigman
Creator of Hyvä

Private Packagist for Vendors with its API and Composer allowed us to provide our WHMCS customers with an innovative update solution while significantly optimizing our development workflows. The Packagist team has been amazing in supporting us with integrating their service into our system.

Björn Strausmann
Director at Strausmann Services, ISP-Serverfarm.de

Do you have any questions or are you missing anything? Contact us at contact@packagist.com or chat with us.