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GitHub (Enterprise) Integration Setup

Private Packagist Cloud

Initial Setup

From the organization settings page, select the "Integrations" subtab. Hit the "Add Integration" button on the integrations listing page to get to the form below. To set up a GitHub Enterprise integration with Private Packagist start by selecting "GitHub" as the platform and enter the URL of your GitHub Enterprise server, as seen in the example below. A link to setup the OAuth application on your GitHub enterprise server will automatically be displayed.

Packagist Setup

Creating an OAuth Application

Do not submit the integration form yet, but copy the content from the "Callback URL / Redirect URL" and follow the setup link to your GitHub server. The fields Client ID and Client Secret remain empty for now.

GitHub Register App

Register a new application on GitHub. This will reveal the client ID and client secret required for finishing the setup on Private Packagist.

GitHub Credentials

Finish the Setup

Copy and paste the "Client ID" and "Client Secret" values back into the Private Packagist integration form and submit the form with the "Save Integration" button.

Packagist Form

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